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Infiltration Coop


2007-01-04 - New webpage.
- Updated game type file. Includes some minor changes to make it easier to use for offline players.
- Added description files for game type and MoreMonster mutator.







Make sure you have the following installed and working:


  1. Download all INF Coop files and move them into your UnrealTournament/System/ directory.
    If you don't want to play offline then this step is optional. The files will be downloaded to your machine when you connect to a server.

  2. (optional) Install Unreal from CD.
    If you have the German version: After installation is complete, replace the Vortex2.unr file in your Unreal/Maps/ directory with the one on the CD. Otherwise you won't be able to play this map online.
    If necessary patch Unreal to the latest version.

  3. (optional) Install "Unreal Mission Pack: Return to Na Pali" (RTNP) from CD.
    If necessary patch RTNP to the latest version.
    Download this file, unpack it (Winzip should work) and move the UPak.u file to your napali/System/ directory, replacing the old one.

  4. (optional) Install other required map packs. See servers info.

  5. If you want to play Unreal or RTNP maps with INF Coop you will need to add the paths to Unreal's or RTNP's files in your Infiltration.ini file:
    Open the Infiltration.ini file in your UnrealTournament/System/ directory with your favourite text editor (e.g. Notepad). Look for the lines starting with Paths= in the [Core.System] section. Insert the following lines after the last Paths= entry:
    For Unreal Gold add these lines:
    For RTNP add these lines:
    If you installed Unreal (and/or RTNP) to the same file system hierarchy level as your Unreal Tournament installation and didn't change the default directory names then you can save the file now and you're done. E.g. if your Unreal Tournament files are installed in C:\UnrealTournament\ and you installed Unreal to C:\Unreal\ (and/or RTNP to C:\napali\) then you don't have to change anything before saving the file. The same holds true for C:\Games\UnrealTournament\, C:\Games\Unreal\, C:\Games\napali\, and the like.
    If not then you need to modify the paths so that your files can be found by Infiltration. All paths need to be relative to your UnrealTournament/System/ directory.
    (../ stands for the parent directory. You can mix slashs and backslashs in one path entry. Absolute paths are possible as well, e.g. Paths=C:\Games\Unreal\System\*.u)
    Save the file.

  6. (optional) If you want to use the Translator you need to bind a key to the ActivateTranslator command. Start Infiltration and enter the following at the game console: set input <KEY> ActivateTranslator
    (e.g. "set input t ActivateTranslator" to bind it to the T key)

  7. To play offline (single player), start Infiltration and select "INF - Coop Unreal Game" from the game type select box on the "Mission" screen. Choose the map you want to play from the "Location" select box. For Unreal, the first map is "Vortex2". For RTNP, it is "Duskfalls". If you want to use the translator, select "UTTranslator" in the mutator list. If you want to play RTNP maps, you must use the "RTNPSkipIntermission" mutator.

  8. To play online, connect to an INF Coop server. Unfortunately, INF Coop servers don't show up in the game's server browser. (You can still see them in an external server browser like GameSpy or XQF.)
    To connect you can enter "open <SERVERADDRESS>:<SERVERPORT>" at the game console. (e.g. "open")

Note to Linux users: Installation is basically the same on Linux except there is no way to run the patch files (Win32 EXE). Wine didn't worked for me. Copying the files from a Windoze box after installing and patching might be the easiest solution.

Server installation (for server admins)




INF Coop files

File Date Size MD5 Description Requirements* ServerPackage
INFCoopUnreal.u 2007-01-04 8204 382eaedc5e8cbeac295e111c8b7ac3e0 INFCoopUnreal game type UT, INF, stmutils.u No 2007-01-04 434 de7571fa978f5d8f8e336d5cbc3d2fa8 Description file for INFCoopUnreal game type n/a n/a
MoreMonsters.u 2007-01-02 6083 705740c851d0e09f88021951d99167d1 Mutator: Multiplies the number of monsters in a map. UT, stmutils.u No 2007-01-04 159 68592efd16f147be752a771d5d45c271 Description file for MoreMonsters mutator n/a n/a
stmutils.u 2007-01-02 6858 62076c6089ec7f08c40e22dfc0466c96 Misc. UnrealScript stuff UT No
RTNPSkipIntermission.u 2006-05-19 1184 06ad86fb2f5f35d9dd1c7d798cd220e1 Mutator: Skips intermission maps in RTNP. UT, RTNP No 2006-05-19 177 ab7b071613a6d0f2852b240667cca0b1 Description file for RTNPSkipIntermission mutator n/a n/a
MutLoader.u 2006-05-18 2537 a3079b882c1fc764245fd35347d24292 Mutator: Loads mutators from system config file. UT No
UTTranslator.u 2006-05-10 6252 e8bc24ba308cf0b1d9b208972b562bb8 Mutator: Makes the Unreal translator work with UT. UT Yes 2006-05-10 157 6d5950ec7a731150745af2679f38c8d7 Description file for UTTranslator mutator n/a n/a
INF286AmbientGlowFix.u ? 1293 c09f4491a29a5cdaeccf13587ab88309 Mutator: INF 2.86 AmbientGlow bugfix UT No ? 146 a307767fce316f2a9051bad7db5a48e4 Description file for INF286AmbientGlowFix mutator n/a n/a

* UT = Unreal Tournament 4.36; INF = Infiltration 2.9

If not stated otherwise, all files © Johannes Frank (aka Stinkmarder[JgKdo])


File Size Description
unrealpatch226final.exe 7584768 Unreal 2.26Final patch
unrealrtnppatch.exe 17493504 "Unreal Mission Pack: Return to Na Pali" latest patch
weblinkspatch.exe 488960 Unreal Gold latest patch

Other files

File Size MD5 Description
UPak.u 11447490 bbd78b30bd661550d360f95ecd194925 Replacement for RTNP's UPak.u by usaar33 & eagleAR



I run three INF Coop servers:

Note: Unfortunately, INF Coop servers don't show up in the game's server browser. You can still see them in an external server browser like GameSpy or XQF.
Servers are usually populated in the late evening (european time).

Feel free to contact me if you need help setting up you own server.



Name: Johannes Frank aka Stinkmarder[JgKdo]